A place of insight

SAP & SAP.Upgraded

  • SAP is program designed to work through, clear, and activate your Spiritual energy so that you can serve your LIFE PURPOSE
  • SAP has been designed in frequency to meet the needs of people that are new to spirituality as well as finalizing the integration of experienced Light Workers
  • SAP.Upgraded follows a process of rediscovering Who You Are at a Divine Cosmic Soul level.

Intuitive Readings

  • Strengthening the connection between you and all things Divine & Realigning career and education to fulfill Life Purpose
  • Helping others to understand their lives- integrating the transition between past and present self
  • An energetic analysis to pinpoint mental and emotional blocks, outdated patterns, limited thoughts, and obstacles preventing spiritual growth

Learn Reiki

CRA Certified Levels 1, 2, Masters Classes are available

  • Reiki is actually a very simple technique
  • People have a difficult time understanding that something so simple can be so effective
  • Setting and maintaining personal energy
  • Quiet the mind, find the space between thoughts, release emotions
  • Learning to flow energy through you, not from you.


Learning to connect with your heart, mind and soul are crucial for balance. Breath work and visualization decreases anxiety and stress and increases awareness and Spiritual energy. This allows you to:

  • Heal the connection between heart and mind
  • Learn to still the inner chatter and outside influences
  • Access your Soul awareness and past life experiences
  • Create a new supportive relationship with the Divine