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CD – Awakening Your Spiritual Potential (Digital Download)


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Meditation Processes for Awakening Your Spiritual Potential

The following audio recording includes beginner processes for Spiritual healing.  The purpose of this recording is to gently guide you into experiencing a higher connection to yourself and the Universe as a whole. These quick processes are designed to allow you access to higher frequencies so that you may connect at the Soul level in order to increase self-love and release fear. With practice these processes will become second nature and open you up to a new understanding of Who You Are and why you are here on this planet. These are just some of the processes I used in my own development and continue to use with Clients every day.

Some of the processes have been downloaded to me directly; others have been adapted from the works of Phillip and Jane Mountrose of Awakenings Institute. The Open Heart, Higher Self and Accessing Your Aspects have been adapted from Getting Thru To Your Soul, 2000 written by Phillip and Jane Mountrose.

Track List:

  1. Introduction (2:24)
  2. Opening (4:27)
  3. Closing (4:07)
  4. Open Heart (6:42)
  5. Sacred Place (7:50)
  6. Higher Self (7:34)
  7. Aspects (8:22)
  8. Calling Guides or Angels (8:13)
  9. Instrumental Music for practicing the Processes (10:00)


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