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Spiritual Chakras 8-12: Video Workshop


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The original workshop was held on March 31, 2016.

After purchasing this package, you will receive an email that includes:

1. A zipped folder, complete with Video Link, Presentation Slides & Exercise Sheets
2.A separate link to view the Video Workshop (iPhone, iPad users)
2. A PDF copy of the Exercise sheets used for this Video Workshop (iPhone, iPad users)

Video is appox. 2 hours and 05 minutes.

Navigating through the 8th-12th Chakras

As the spiritual plane collides with the physical, learning to access and integrate the Spiritual chakras is crucial. In this workshop we will begin exploring chakras 8-12 and the lessons and gifts of each one. Having properly integrated the 7 major ’human’ chakras, you will begin to experience a higher connection, greater synchronicity, and full Self Awareness. These chakras are not for the faint of heart. Whether you learn to integrate them fully in this life or simply want to understand what lies behind ‘that which we cannot see’, this introductory workshop will provide you with higher level insights and awareness.


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