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Spiritual Consciousness by Heather Nodello


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Spiritual Consciousness – Remembering Who You Are and Raising Your Children to Never Forget.
By Heather Nodello

‘This is what I know; that everything in life is about perspective. How we look at things, think about things, understand things- it’s all about the perspective we take. The single most important aspect of this truth is that it is unchangeable.
This book is an invitation to discover who you are through Spiritual Consciousness. It focuses on concepts and ideas that strengthen the Soul connection. This book provides simple and effective techniques designed to assist you in remembering your true self as well as helping your children to never forget who they are.’

Heather Nodello is the co-founder of Truthful Healings, a company dedicated to helping others increase spiritual consciousness and self-empowerment. Heather works as a Spiritual Counselor and Teacher assisting children and adults in rediscovering their power and purpose.


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