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Spiritual Activation Program

The Spiritual Activation Program is a 3-month intensive program designed to work through, clear, and activate your Spiritual energy so that you can serve your LIFE PURPOSE. It focuses on the INTEGRATION of spiritual and physical concepts in order to bring clarity and communication with your HIGHER SELF.

The class can be taken for leisure or certification. It has been designed in frequency to meet the needs of people that are new to spirituality as well as finalizing the integration of experienced Light workers. Anyone is welcome to view the class but it is important to know that the course content is very serious and deals with the reality of what is happening on the planet in regards to energetic shifts, increasing conflict, and learning how to use Life Purpose to increase the world’s frequency. The course can be applied to personal growth or used towards aligning with the Truthful Healings Spiritual Task Force.

There are 2 classes a month as well as supplemental webinars. The classes will be  beginning April 15, 2017. Engagement is not mandatory but is recommended to increase group involvement.

The second component of the program is one monthly Independent Session which focuses on discussing, clearing, and integrating specific issues relating to your Life Purpose.

For those looking to certify- there will be assignments, quizzes, and a final project.

All classes can be accessed through the Truthful Healings website. You will be granted access to a Private Facebook Group where you can engage with other students on various topics and exercises.

The Online semester of S.A.P begins April 15, 2017.

The current world energy is shifting to a higher Spiritual Frequency. Over the last twenty years, the Light and Dark energy has become unbalanced throwing our world into chaos. Fear, control, and limited beliefs have replaced faith, love, and freedom. S.A.P. has been designed to address these on a personal level so that students are able to RECOGNIZE andRELEASE any blocks or obstacles that are holding them trapped in their current lives. When you awaken your HIGHER SELF and learn to connect directly to your SOUL, the result is emotional, mental, and physical balance. This course will also reconnect you to God so that you can fully experience your own greatness and power so that you can fulfill your Life Purpose!

It’s a process of rediscovering Who You Are at a Divine Cosmic Soul level. Integrating Divine Power and Personal Free Will to manifest and fulfill your Life Purpose.

This six class program covers:

  1. Breath Work: Understanding and Creating Energetic Fields
  2. Meditation: Increasing Levels of Awareness
  3. Chakras: Soul Integration
  4. Psychological and Spiritual Aspects: Harmonizing the Heart and Mind
  5. Divine Partnerships: Creating Positive Divine Relationships
  6. Universal Frequency: YAHWEH System

6 Classes (Available online)

3 Personalized Sessions (individual counselling)

**Live classes began October 5, 2017. If you are registering for this and are in the Windsor area, please feel free to jump right in with us even if you’re starting late!!

Breath Work: Understanding and Creating Energetic Fields

  • Connecting to Self Through Breath
  • Energetic Fields- What We See Around Us

Meditation: Increasing Levels of Awareness

  • Mastering the Mind Through Discipline- From ‘Practice’ to a ‘Way of Life’
  • Accessing Cosmic Energy and Past Life Memories

Chakras: Soul Integration

  • Human Chakra System 1-7
  • SOUL Chakra System 8-12

Psychological and Spiritual Aspects: Harmonizing the Heart and Mind

  • Accessing and Releasing Unconscious “Stuck” Fears
  • Discovering Past Lives and Practical Gifts

Divine Partnerships: Creating Positive Divine Relationships

  • Divine ‘Soul’ Partnerships- Understanding the 10th Chakra
  • Reclaiming Joy to Love and Create Love

Universal Frequency: YAHWEH System

  • Our Changing Universe- the 4th Dimension Integration
  • Yahweh/Source-Alpha/Omega-God/Mother Earth-The Worlds Beyond


The total fee for the class is $678 (tax included) and can be broken down into payments.

Note: this course is a mandatory for those that wish to serve as a member or the TH Spiritual Task Force or work on behalf of Truthful Healings at the local or global level.

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“Heather came across my path at a time when I was ready to hear about the psychic-spiritual aspect of my life. This program has moved that process along amazingly and I will come away with greater appreciation and understanding in what it looks like for me to move forward in my life”. A.C.

“Heather has been the only person who is truthful with me on all levels. It was refreshing to be able to work with someone honestly. No pretending everything is fine all the time, actually discussing the problem with me instead of judging me. This was the first time I was actually able to grow”.