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Treatments – Reiki treatments are a gentle hands-on clearing of the individual’s energy system. The Reiki Practitioner touches key areas on the body where toxins and negativity can cause blockages resulting in physical and emotional pain. Positive energy is restored.
$60/ 1 hour (includes use of essential oils)

Adult Classes – Reiki is perhaps the easiest and most important ‘first step’ to setting a strong Spiritual Foundation. Anyone can learn to tap into an unlimited supply of ‘life force energy’ to improve health and enhance the quality of life by learning Reiki, or by receiving treatments from a Reiki Practitioner or Master.

Level I – Focuses on basic energy principals, self healing, and Reiki Principals
8 Hours $250
Level II – Focuses on deeper understanding of energy healing, emotional healing and distance healing
– Also includes basic business plan
– Reiki Guides
8 Hours $250
Level III
– Focuses on mastering Reiki Healing through Master symbols
– A deeper connection to God
– Ascended Masters
8 Hours $300
Reiki Teacher Level – Focuses on understanding the main Reiki Master symbols and how to properly teach them to others
– Students must be able to interpret and complete all three levels of Reiki Attunement and show strong aptitude for understanding Spiritual principles or healing and awareness
12 Hours $350