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Light Workers

For those wanting to gain a higher awareness and increase their overall vibration levels- the Spiritual Activation Program clears blocks and activates the 7 levels of Spiritual Awareness. I guide individuals to contact their Higher Selves in order to access the greatest Spiritual lessons of their given life. The purpose of this program is to assist those on the Spiritual Path to INTEGRATE their truths so that they may reach their full Spiritual Potential and ultimately serve their Life Purpose.
$60/1 hour

Family Dynamics

This counselling focuses on helping those dealing with family trauma (including divorce, grief, illness, childhood concerns) understand the reasons for life events. I work closely with individuals and members of ‘relationships’ as a mediator to help all sides see each other’s points of view. This includes responsibility, total acceptance, and forgiveness so that each member may move forward with their individual lives. $70/1 hour

Spiritual Counselling

It is my greatest joy to assist others in helping them discover their Soul’s true path and purpose in life. I work closely with individuals to help them discover past or current issues that are blocking their relationship with their Soul. Counselling includes open and honest discussions, Open Heart Therapy, visualization, EFT, Higher Self increased vibrations, meditations, and reiki.
$60/1 hour