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Intuitive Readings

A true believer in helping people discover their Higher Selves, I work with Clients to help them understand their own lives- how past and present situations are creating the outcomes of their future. An Intuitive Reading allows me to energetically analyze and pinpoint mental and emotional blocks, outdated patterns, residual emotional holds, as well as obstacles to spiritual growth.

An Intuitive Reading highlights where an individual is currently on their life path, the lessons and gifts they are here to learn, their overall Life Purpose, and tools and techniques for achieve this purpose. It is the starting point for understanding the why of your life and begins the process of how to bring balance and contentment back to your Soul.

Emotional/Spiritual Well Being – As an Intuitive Guide, I work mainly with people’s current subconscious issues. With the assistance of the individuals Higher Self and Spirit guides, I am able to understand the motives and blocks occurring in a person’s life. Together we examine the “behind the scenes emotions” so that clients are able to see themselves outside their regular perspective. I gently work with Clients to see what changes need to be made in order to release any negative patterns that are blocking future successes.

Local $70/1 hour Includes prep
Distance $80/1 hour Including prep and  typed reading
US Clients $120/1 hour Including prep and  typed reading

Mediumship – This unique style of reading focuses on contacting and understanding the energy patterns of guides and angels specific to the Client. It includes an Emotional/Spiritual wellbeing assessment. During the reading I work with Clients to raise the energetic vibration so that they may learn to access those of a higher dimension for helping understand a clear deeper blocks or imbalances.
$75/1 hours (includes prep)