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Join us this Fall....

This Fall come by Truthful Healings and enjoy 3 amazing workshops presented by Heather Nodello. Register quickly, as these fill up fast.

Discover your power...

In this 8 week summer course, we will teach you to increase personal power and self worth. We’ll help release illogical masculine and feminine expectations. And show you how to develop a deeper connection with your Self to increase Passion and Career.

A calling for something Bigger...

This course is designed for men, people new to Energy & Spirituality, and simply those that have a calling for change.

Become a Reiki practitioner...

Reiki is actually a very simple technique. So simple, people have a difficult time understanding that something so simple can be so effective. Yet it is key to setting and maintaining your personal energetic system. Reiki teaches you to quiet your mind, get yourself out of the way by finding the space between your thoughts, and allowing the Reiki energy to flow through you, not from you. It teaches you to interact with others without draining and taking on the emotions and conflicts of others. Plus it immediately strengthens and restores personal energy levels!

Let there be light...

Bring a calm, serene and tranquil feeling to any room with a beautiful salt lamp. Salt lamps should be kept away from moisture and are intended for indoor use only.

Salt lamps are known throughout the world for their ability to purify the air. These natural air purifiers work when lit by emitting negative ions into the air that attack positively charged particles.

Each lamp comes with a cord, a light bulb and wooden base.

It's time to activate...

The Spiritual Activation Program is a 4-month intensive program designed to work through, clear, and activate your Spiritual energy so that you can serve your LIFE PURPOSE. It focuses on the INTEGRATION of spiritual and physical concepts in order to bring clarity and communication with your HIGHER SELF.

Designed in frequency...

This program has been designed in frequency to meet the needs of people that are new to spirituality as well as finalizing the integration of experienced Lightworkers.

Welcome to Truthful Healings Holistic Centre

The Truthful Healings Holistic Centre is dedicated to offering the highest quality holistic support for energetic healing and spiritual growth. We offer a variety of treatments, services and educational programming designed to decrease stress, strengthen Self Power and bring balance to the emotional and mental body. We are strong believers in living life with Purpose and Awareness! Not sure where to start? Take a browse through the site, give us a call, or drop on by. We are here to simplify the healing process.

Workshop Space Available

Per Hour or Full Day Rates

Treatment Room Rental

Per Hour or Full Day Rates



We offer a collective approach to Holistic healing. Whether spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical, we’ve got you covered.


Learning &  education is a key component to Spiritual health. We offer a variety of programs and classes.


We offer 3 options for rental space needs. Workshop, treatment, and therapy rooms.


Our products are designed and hand picked to reflect the highest Spiritual frequency. We support a community approach.

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