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Spiritual Activation Program

This is a 3-month intensive program designed to work through, clear, and activate your Spiritual energy so that you can serve your LIFE PURPOSE. It focuses on the INTEGRATION of spiritual and physical concepts in order to bring clarity and communication with your HIGHER SELF.

This program has been designed in frequency to meet the needs of people that are new to spirituality as well as finalizing the integration of experienced Light Workers.

Intuitive Readings

A true believer in helping people discover their Higher Selves, I work with Clients to help them understand their own lives- how past and present situations are creating the outcomes of their future. An Intuitive Reading allows me to energetically analyze and pinpoint mental and emotional blocks, outdated patterns, residual emotional holds, as well as obstacles to spiritual growth.

It highlights where an individual is currently on their life path, the lessons and gifts they are here to learn, and their overall Life Purpose.

Learn Reiki

Reiki is actually a very simple technique. So simple, people have a difficult time understanding that something so simple can be so effective. Yet it is key to setting and maintaining your personal energetic system. Reiki teaches you to quiet your mind, get yourself out of the way by finding the space between your thoughts, and allowing the Reiki energy to flow through you, not from you. 
Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 classes are starting in May. Register today!

"Angels in Action" Meditation - Audio

Now more than ever our efforts and energy are needed. The Angels are descending everyday and want to work directly with humans.
How do we do this? By learning to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ them. Through proper breath work and meditation, you can learn to ‘tune in’ to the Angel frequency. This allows you to connect directly to your guardian and Archangels to support your Life Purpose!
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Heather Nodello and Cheryl Bak-Nielsen offer educational and insightful programs, workshops, and meditation classes. Whether it's leaning your next level of Reiki or joining us for a relaxing meditation class, our teachers offer exceptional results.

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